Streets of Fire: New White Sands City Cyberpunk Book 2
e-book ASIN: B01M64FN0X
ISBN: 978-0-9952643-1-1
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New White Sands City Cyberpunk Book 2

R O N   B E N D E R

“Dishonor borne must be avenged…”

After the murder of his partner, Rico Suarez struggles to toe the line in the face of claims that he’s a better shot than a cop. When he lands himself in hot water with Internal Affairs, he leaves the precinct with copied files of a case that a big corporation is looking to bury. That’s his line in the sand, he’ll sidestep the corruption to solve this case and he’ll do it on his own time.

But when the pursuit of a missing daughter of a Yakuza oyabun leads him to the cold trail of his partner’s killer, Rico realizes that walking the line was never enough.

He’ll have to break all the rules in the name of justice.

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Book two of Ron Bender’s NEW WHITE SANDS CITY CYBERPUNK SERIES is available on amazon

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A note about the NEW WHITE SANDS CITY CYBERPUNK SERIES: Each book is a standalone story with the same characters and setting, but there’s also a story arc that spans the series.  So each book has its own story told to completion, but also includes portions of the overall story arc which is serialized across the series. You can start reading the series from book one as indicated, or you can start with any of the first four books. Beyond that point, you’re on your own since the broader elements very much entwine as you go.  If you’re as much a fan of cyberpunk as I am, then this series is for you. I hope you enjoy the ride.

R O N   B E N D E R


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