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Florida Panhandle,
USA (post Interregnum era)

Interregnum — “A period of discontinuity or “gap” in a government, organization, or social order …”

When the government finally collapsed under the pressure of private lobbying and voter disillusion, America experienced a period of social turmoil that ended as corporations stepped into the power vacuum. The new corporate order gave birth to the post Interregnum era.

New White Sands City was built on the bones of an eroding age.

In the face of rising sea levels, a decaying ozone layer, shifts in rainfall patterns and resulting natural disasters, displaced populations sought housing, services, and security from wild weather and, increasingly, from each other. Byzantine rules, hidden costs, and tiered services become the new normal.

Now, everything is datamined, manipulated, and controlled. The ever expanding opportunities for the rich and well-connected are inversely proportional to the growing social disparities for the poor. Glittering towers soar high above the turmoil. Corruption, erosion of free press, riots, elitism, and the wealth gap form the basis of the Pile: the multi-tiered strata of New White Sands City.

New White Sands City "Triumph over Providence" logo and slogan

From the Author:

Everything that takes place in the greater world that gives rise to New White Sands City Cyberpunk results from trends that already exist today. All I do is mix trends and technology together in as logical a fashion as I can to explore the ensuing fallout. But every story for us becomes ultimately a human story. So stories in New White Sands City are human ones. Tech might change but human nature never does.

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